Archery Games

Archery Games can be a year-round activity that everyone can enjoy.

Archery Tag is a new, super fun combat archery game. We can also organise Combos with Bubble Football and Target Archery – all on the same site!


“A blend of dodgeball and paintball”

Archery games is a blend of dodgeball and paintball. It combines the best aspects of these sports while adding the skill of archery. A safe sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors.

The game participants shoot one another using a bow and arrows with large foam tips.

Archery Tag was invented by John Jackson of Ashley, Indiana in 2011. The game experienced a boost in popularity from the Hunger Games book and film series, which feature a bow-wielding protagonist, and Jackson staged Archery Tag games at local premieres of the films. By 2014, Jackson had licensed the game to 170 locations, mostly in the United States, but also in Russia, Peru and Saudi Arabia.
Rules of participation:

The most important rule is the following: please do not show up under the influence of alcohol or any other psychoactive substance!

In addition, you shall only participate in the game if you do not have had a recent record of any serious diseases or surgical interventions within the last 6 months. You also need to feel physically fit enough to play.