We are the most reliable archery game organizer in Hungary

Archery sTag is a new super fun combat archery game. We can organise Combos with Bubble Football and with Target Archery – all on the same site! Whether you visit Budapest for a bachelor party, a company event or simply a weekend trip with friends or your own sports club: Archery sTag is the ideal way to release a lot of tension from everyday life. Take part in some of the funniest moments in your life.


Reliable service

They call us the most reliable archery game provider in Hungary for a reason. We always ensure that our kit is constantly tested. Apart from this we are constantly expanding our business and speak several languages. We believe in quality and safety above all other factors that make up a good game.

Available All Year

Whether it’s summer or winter – Archery is the right game for every season! Contact us and we will rent and organize archery for outdoor or indoor games. If you already rented out a place and would simply like to rent our kit, we deliver them to you, wherever in the area you are located.

High quality kit

We offer you the highest quality kit, that are currently available on the market. We believe in the highest quality standards.

Warning: This sport will be very addictive!

Take part in some of the funniest moments in your life.

You will play archery in two teams.

Get to know an increasingly popular new fun sport.

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Famous guest at Archery Stag Party!

Abish Mathew, Indian stand-up comedian and YouTube performer visited Budapest in August. During his trip, he tried out target archery with us. He shared a video about his experience on Instagram, which you can watch here:

Archery tag vs Paintball

This video shows what kind of damage can be caused by the archery game. You can see that it is safer than the paintball. Check it out.  

How you can play archery

How to play Archery Tag? Check out this video and find out.

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